Khem to Kabalah


Before you set out on this amazing mental expedition, let me point out a few thoughts of my own concerning my intentions in doing this work.

I am not trying to prove anything, or to get you to believe anything.

Could some of the information you are about to digest be wrong, could the writers have made errors?

Of course the answer is yes.

But what I am trying to bring to you is a gathering together of history, legend, mythology, scriptures etc, that focus on a most interesting subject, which in many instances has confirmations not only from other sources in other ages, but in contemporary science as well.

The idea is to consider things written thousands of years ago, and compare them with things written at differing times, and by putting puzzle pieces together, trying to make out a clear picture.

When you have various sources from many different ages of time, and from many different parts of the world, saying what amounts to the same thing, then one has to evaluate in a reasonable manner whether all of the writers could have been mistaken, or lying.

If people thousands of years ago drew pictures and gave witness of machines flying through the air, and these accounts come from all parts of the world, and at differing times, would it seem reasonable to reach a conclusion that everybody, everywhere, was lying?

For what reason?


If you have your seat belt fastened I invite you to join me in this initial installment of:

The Emerald Tablets and the UFO commander.

Try and help me put the pieces together if you will.

By doing so we may hasten the view of another world.

A world we may all have experienced, long before this one.

Bill Donahue

Take The Ship To The Land Of The Hairy Barbarians

The account is of an alien force that is ordered to enter a ship and go to the land of the hairy barbarians who live in caves, and to begin to colonize, and civilize life.

The account never uses the word “earth”, but when one looks at the time of the writings dating back over 20,000 years, and considers the appearances of prehistoric people who lived on the earth at that time, the initial response (at least from me) is that we are reading the accounts of an exploration on planet earth made by an advanced race from another cosmic location.

Keep in mind this thought.

What Were Gods Then Are Aliens Now

What we refer to as aliens today, were regarded as angels, or Gods, a few thousand years ago.

I am suggesting that these may be the writings of an alien force from another cosmic location giving their accounts concerning their efforts to bring civilization to planet earth.

The first order came from the supreme alien commander