The Long and Winding Road
of how we look at things
and how we got here

You will see this site is highly opinionated, doctored with a dry and wry sense of humor at times.

We are neither Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

We think the best of all political and governmental models that have been used through history, that are successful for the people could and should be utilized for their benefit.

The best of conservatism and the best of liberalism – Would that be too much to ask? We do not agree that a ‘middle of the road’ approach on most issues is the best for all the people.

A truly conservative government, with liberal personal freedoms, and a socialist view on helping humanity… what a concept!

While currently it may seem we are anti-Republican, well WE ARE!

But we were just as fanatically anti-Democrat just a few years back. We have not forgotten the lie that got Clinton elected – his anti-NAFTA speeches, only to sign NAFTA a couple months into his first term. Nor will we ever forget about his massacre of a church in Texas — the Waco Massacre. His wars were just as illegal and immoral as is the current atrocity Bush is bringing on the world. You can look into our archives on and see the opinions we had of the Clintonistas and the demonocracy of that era.

Democracy is neither good or bad. Republican forms of government are neither good or bad. Socialism is neither good or bad. These are merely governmental theories.

Many facets of each theory are good for the people and just as many of each theory can be bad for the people. We would prefer to use the best of each of the models for govermental practice.

Economic models fall into the same mode. They are theories, each with good or workable premises and tenents that are generally bad for the population. Capitalism, unrestrained, is as bad as any dictator, taking on unwritten power not elected or granted to hold.

We are anti-religious. Religiosity is the primary mover and instigator of wars. War lords often twist and use religion to justify their wars. In other words, Bush is not the first to do this, but is in a long line of culprits in history that chose this immoral path.

We use the dry and wry approach to try an wake people up… to get them thinking outside of their box. GOP nor Democrats have offered any successful total solutions to the quagmire of the US government at all levels.

We poke fun at people, government, corporations, and agencies as being REPTILES. This infers they are cold-blooded, without conscience, without compassion, and without heart.

We are not against any government agents or agencies that are obeying the letter of the law, without resorting to questionable or illegal tactics to build evidence against people. There are many fine heroes in the agencies that are seldom recognized for the ‘honest’ work they do. We usually only hear about the rogues and the ones that are media hounds, and go to any lengths to gain a reputation.

We are sometimes accused of being anti-semitic and anti-zionist. We are not. If I were to choose a religion to adhere to it would be orthodox Judaism, and I’m not Jewish. I have always found an incredible amount of integrity and honesty when I attended Sabbath services.

One of my mentors was an Orthodox Rabbi. We sat down for many Sabbath meals and Passovers together, with our Moslem Palestinian neighbor, and our Catholic lawyer.

He was adamantly a pro-Israel, but he did not agree with the idea of a Zionist vision of the ‘Greater Israel’. He said that the Jews had forsaken their right to Greater Israel millenia ago. Jews were only allowed those lands they held at the time of the division of the lands to the tribes.

He was also pro-Palestinian for their rights in Israel. He knew his G-d would not approve of stealing lands and rights from the other son of Abraham.

Why then do we sell the Protocols of Zion? The protocols are what they are. Nothing will change that. Free press and free speech is one reason for that book’s continued existence in the marketplace. The protocols themselves are merely written tenents of action, which have been utilized against the masses since time began. Whoever wrote the protocols did not create something new, he merely set them in writing.

The protocols are no different from the Communist Manifesto or Mein Kaumpf. These are simply plans of action that someone wanted to utilize. This Rabbi mentor was fluent in 18 languages and worked for Henry Kissinger as a government translator during the Vietnam era. We sat down and looked at the protocols in the Russian, German and French languages. He stated that the style of writing was not Jewish, therefore it was Gentile. He was shocked, however, to have to admit there had to be a Jew looking over his shoulder or helping him, because there was something in the content that lent itself to Talmudism. This rabbi was not a Talmudist in his beliefs of religion. He adored and respected the Talmud as a Jewish commentary of Jewish history and thought.

The problem with the protocols is that they were first translated into English and published by an anti-semitic Victor Marsden. At least 90% of the book are his anti-Jewish ‘interpretations’ and not the translation. By the way this is a major problem in Christianity too. It’s the interpretations that run afoul of the translations.

I relayed this short story so you can understand why this site presents materials in the manner it does. Everyone presents things in black and white, and not everything is black or white.

We believe Israel has every right to defend it’s borders and we know that every Palestinian has the right to their land and pursuit of happiness. Our Palestinian neighbor was born in Jerusalem and told us how the ‘new’ Israel government built schools for the Palestinian children before they had built any for their own people. That is the Israel I support.

We also think it’s time to stop the money drain from the US to Israel, not to be anti-Israel, but it’s time Israel stands on it own, to be truly sovereign after 50 some odd years. Israel and its neighbors would have settled their differences decades ago if the US and other ‘western’ nations had kept their noses out of the Middle East affairs. Israel’s freedom and it economies would be greater today if the US had stayed out of their affairs.

If there is a Pro-Zionist faction in the world, then there has to be an Anti-Zionist faction. One cannot exist without the other. It’s the balance. The ying and the yang. So one cannot be illegal unless both are illegal.

Are we holocaust deniers? No, there’s a holocaust ongoing in Iraq as I write this. But anyone that questions the facts of ‘the’ Holocaust and those that defend the Holocaust like a religion need to watch the movie Nuremberg, with Alec Baldwin. Between the lines you begin to understand why the controversy over the Hitler Holocaust. The myths of Auschwitz were created by the US government. The ‘official’ story of Auschwitz is a conglomeration of atrocities that happened in WW-2.

Not everything attributed to Auschwitz actually happened at Auschwitz. Atrocities from all over Germany were wrapped up into one story at one location to present to the court at Nuremburg. This is why the facts do not match the stories about Auschwitz. The atrocities happened, they just did not all happen at this location. Whether the US intended this presentation to the court of Nuremberg to be an official story for all time is not revealed.

Six million Jews were killed? Not likely. Even the Rabbi told me there are historical and traditional significances to the numbers 6, 60, 600, 6000, 60000, 6 hundred thousand and 6 million in the Jewish tradtions. It’s just as hard to justify or verify the claim of 12 million Russians killed at the hands of Hitler. Remember this was conventional warfare in a 3-4 year period. What ever the numbers really were, if it were only ONE, it’s one TOO MANY!

Now for Christianity. Christianity is a scourge on the world. It didn’t have to be, but it is. If you want to understand a holocaust, just study Christian history. I was raised Christian. I made the mistake of reading the Bible. I made the mistake of making sure I understood what it said. What it says and what Christianity does are 180 degree opposites. There is more honor and respect for the real Jesus in Islam than there is in Christianity. When Christian arguments enter a room, common sense leaves the planet.

During those Sabbath services I used to attend, the Jewish men and women would debate the Torah and the traditions of Judaism. Yelling and arguing would go on for hours about what a verse meant. When the night would end they would all agree that none of them understood the workings of their G-d. In Christianity it would mean a church split or the creation of still yet another denomination.

Christian ignorants claim this was a nation founded by Christians for Christians. This is an outright lie. It is Christian mythology. The founding fathers were not Christians in the sense of the Christian cult today. Most were deists and Unitarian. Thomas Jefferson compared the Bible to a dung-heap. He also accused the Baptists of a conspiracy to undermine the Constitutional government of the United States. Does history repeat itself? You hear the Christian foghorns such as Pat Robertson state that there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution and it was only a Supreme Court decision that created the rule of separation. To put it bluntly, while not lying about the constitution, he is still a liar for covering up the truth.

The Supreme Court decision was based upon the bountiful notes of the Constitutional Convention, the words spoken and written by the Constitution’s authors, and by the commentaries of the authors written about the Constitution. This Separation of church and state is not some fictional creation by that Supreme Court. It was ingrained deep into the psyche of the nation and the government from the very beginning. They did not want another theocratical government like that of England with the Anglican Church or that of Catholicism over most of Europe, or that of Mohammedans in the Middle East.

When Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1836 it fashioned its first constitution after that of Virginia and that of the United States. So deeply was the separation of church and state ingrained in Texas that the Bill of Rights barred ministers of the gospel from holding office! Texas was gaining its independence from not only Mexico but the Mexican Catholic theocrasy! Texans while respecting religions was very non-religious. The belief in a god was all that Texans accepted, this being a Masonic influence into the constitution or possibly a trade off with the ministers of the day.

The Christian Foghorns that are trying to turn America into a theocrasy based on their own limited and ignorant view of their own interpretations, try to claim this is a God ordained Christian nation. The one reference by God to government in the Old Testament is where he warns against man-made goverments because they will double tax you and send your children off to war. The US is certainly a government that God would have warned against.

The Christian Foghorns today are liars. Whether they know they are lying makes no difference. They take the money.. they should learn and know before speaking about anything. Take the faux crisis Christians invented over the Ten Commandments in a courthouse. As a never-will-be-a-Christian I personally have no problem with them being in a courthouse. I wish the lawyers and judges had to take an binding oath of fidelity to those ten commandments. I wish Christians did too. But the lie and hypocrisy of Christianity is the fact that there are statues of the Ten Commandments at all. Then for them to stand up and defend the statues is pure hypocrisy.

“You shall not make for yourself an image, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” These statues are idols, they are images of something that is on the earth. And those Christian Foghorns are whited sepulchers.

Christian values FOR Christians are admirable. I wish these Christian Foghorns would abide by those values. But it is a crime in a free nation for them to force their religion and their values on non-Christians. I do not want hypocrisy and the hypocrite life style forced upon me covertly or overtly by Christians.

The Christian church has failed Christians and their country. First they have failed to instill the Christian values into their own flock, and now demand that government force those values on the people due to their failure. Family values are important and these Christian Foghorns rail against a gay marriage, while they are mute on the subject of divorce. In the New Testament the rules against divorce are plain, and only a very narrow opening allowing a divorce. Yet divorce is rampant in the church and in the US. The Bible says nothing whatsover about gay marriages. These Christians have the entire forest in their own eye while complaining about the splinter in another’s.

The Christian church has the mandate for maintaining a welfare role for the community. House the homeless, feed the poor, clothe the naked. The church again has failed its own mandate, and due to its failure the US and state governments have stepped in to do that role mandated to the church by their God. Now the Christian Foghorns want the government to give them our taxes to feed the poor, etc. so they can attempt to brainwash these poor folk into becoming Christians while we the taxpayers foot the bill for this propaganda. These churches assess their own people the church tax, let them pay for their own propaganda. I object to government monies being handed over to the failures to begin with.

The church can teach their own anything they want to, but let the taxpayer schools teach the sciences without Christian Foghorn interference. The Foghorns have these same kids on Sunday and usually on Wednesday night in the church, and there is the proper place to teach them creationism, disneyism, flintstoneism, or any other mythology the Foghorns think necessary. And yea, if a Christian family wants to school their kids out of the taxpayer system, then let their government school taxes be reduced by 50%. It’s documented that some Christian schools are doing great work in teaching the children. Stop the praying in public schools. They are for vanity’s sake and not for spiritual enlightening. The Bible even says a time for everything under heaven, and public schools are not the time or place.

As a general rule we are against abortion, but not for the same reasons as the Christian Foghorns. There are psychological drawbacks for a person that has an abortion. That said, we are PRO-CHOICE. A famous common sense preacher once said on the airwaves, that if men had to bear the children, abortion would not be debated, but a fact of life. The government is NOT forcing Christians to get abortions, but when Christian Whores and Hypocrites like Ted Haggard, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart come along, we think maybe the government should.

I believe there was an Intelligent Design that ‘kick-started’ mankind. It is not unfathomable to think that an intelligence, whether it was extra-terrestrial or an ancient genetic scientist altered a species into mankind. That is a belief based upon ancient writings and other research. But my BELIEF is not science and neither is the Christian Mythology of Creation. When Christian Foghorns such as Pat Robertson opens his mouth, and drools his venom, then he disproves my belief in any intelligent design.

Here at hiddenmysteries we abhor censorship of literary works. We are from Texas and as a matter of culture we fondly, lovingly, use what others consider vulgar language. What is the difference between shit and manure? Why is manure acceptable and shit is not? Shit, manure, dung, — it’s all the same stinking pile of crap. So if you see us use the word SHIT, and that offends you, then THINK the word dung, asshole.

It is WRONG to ban books. Many schools and libraries ban one of my favorite books, To Kill a Mockingbird. Why don’t they want the youth to understand the injustice and immorality of racial bias and discrimination? This book was so well written, not only did you begin to understand the immoral world of racial bias, but you EXPERIENCED it too!

All people in the South do NOT look upon the Confederate flag as a symbol of slavery. It is also a reminder of the atrocities of the federal government against the South during Reconstruction. It is the symbol of an oppressed state. A state forced into a union it did not want to participate in any longer. It is a symbol of standing up against another Republican War. It is a symbol reminding us of the lies the US government under the GOP perpetrated against the South in an ongoing campaign of propaganda.

We abhor our privacy being invaded by spam, whether the spam comes from email, snail mail, or telephone. We abhor Jehovah Witnesses interupting our piece of mind with their damnable Watchtower bullshit. Do not invite me to ‘YOUR’ church unless you are a nude 25 year old blonde female, built like a brick shithouse, begging for sex. Others will only get the middle finger. (ask my Aunt) We believe that everyone is an asshole and should have at least one. If you are not an asshole then you are full of shit. Take your pick.

If you don’t like the way we present our opinions then may God smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed.

This is our dry and wry humor.

We hope to awaken sheople from their slumber, through shock, abhorance, surprise, and common sense, (Horse Sense in Texas) and perhaps have a little fun in doing so.

We hold truth to be self-evident. We can’t help it if many are too ignorant, blinded, brainwashed, or biased to see it.

L. Savage
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