By Robert Singer

Until April 5, 2013 the 1988 American science fiction-horror film, They Live, directed by John Carpenter could be streamed or downloaded from a number of websites. They Live (Full movie)” was in the playlist below created by Buddy Huggins:

Deleted by DC Dictators

“They Live” is a movie about a nameless, unemployed drifter referred to as “Nada” (Roddy Piper) who discovers a special pair of sunglasses that allows him to see an alternate reality of a bleak world populated by humanoid aliens with grotesque skull-like faces.
The movie was available to download for free since 2007. [1]

What happened in the beginning of 2013 that caused Universal Studios to remove the movie on copyright grounds so they could sell more copies of the DVD? Read on, the answer will surprise you.

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy Paradox
People, prone to believe in conspiracies, known as Conspiracy Theorists, think “They Live” is the answer to the Sandy Hook Conspiracy Paradox:

The massacre, the worst school shooting in U.S. history, was staged by FEMA with crisis actors and made to look like a joint government-media operation false flag event. Furthermore, Adam Lanza, a scrawny, socially awkward 20-year old, mind controlled patsy, could not have shot 20 innocent children (and six adults) at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in less than five minutes, with an assault rifle [still in the trunk of his car] and handguns that his cheerful, self-reliant mother purchased for self-defense and target shooting, because [I repeat, he could not have shot anyone anywhere on December 14] according to the Social Security Death index, Lanza died the day before on December 13.

However, a conspiracy involving the CIA, FBI, police departments in two cities, the coroners office, crisis actors, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Newtown Bee doesn’t fly because someone from the CIA, FBI, police departments in two cities, the coroners office, crisis actors, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Newtown Bee would have come forward and buzzed the real truth about whatreallyhappened.

“They Live” is the key to solving the paradox. Watch this six-minute clip from the movie to understand why “They Live” is the solution to the paradox.

All of the people involved in Sandy Hook: the CIA, FBI, police departments in two cities, the coroners office, crisis actors, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Newtown Bee, are humanoids that experience an alternate reality that we can’t see because we don’t have the right sunglasses.

Note that the Sandy Hook massacre, the worst school shooting in U.S. history, could never have been a false-flag Hoax with crisis actors, so Obama could get political support for a ban on assault weapons and water down the 2nd amendment. Why?

If the plan were to disarm American citizens by carrying out massacres like Sandy Hook, then you have to ask yourself, what’s the point?

What are Americans doing during Obama’s full-scale attack on the 2nd amendment? Answer: They are arming themselves to the teeth.

* Colorado was flooded with a record 4,200 gun-buyer background requests.

* Gun sales surged after the Connecticut Massacre.

* The Colorado Bureau of Investigation says it set a new record for single-day background check submittals this past weekend.

* In San Diego, Northwest Armory gun store owner Karl Durkheimer said Saturday “was the biggest day we’ve seen in 20 years. Sunday will probably eclipse that.”

* In southwest Ohio, from dawn to dusk, a Cincinnati gun show had a line of 400 people waiting to get in, said Joe Eaton of the Buckeye Firearms Association. [2]

Note that Sandy Hook, like Aurora, Columbine and Tucson were never a conspiracy about gun control or mental health; they were however, a conspiracy to instill fear, anxiety, apprehension and foster feelings of fear, resentment and rage in order to create negative energy. The controversy and the negative energy generated by the debate over the 2nd amendment was a conspiracy to make us believe in a conspiracy to take away our guns. The humanoid population feeds off the conflict, controversy and negative energy.

Robert Singer writes about Secrets, Sentient Creatures and The Federal Reserve at The Peoples Voice and The Market Oracle (

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