I’m writing to draw your attention to this spiritual group called the Desposyni. Their line connects the ancient Egyptians, the Indians of the east, the Essenes, the Chinese and the Indians of the Americas, as well as the Founding Fathers of America.

Here’s a recent announcement by the Desposyni which you might find interesting. It contains information that everyone should be aware of. How people choose to respond to this information would of ‘course be up to their individual God given Free Will.

Thank You.
Best Regards.
- Marah Eart

Ancient Secrets Revealed
A 1,981 Year Vow of Silence Ends

A 1,981 year long Vow of Silence has ended for the Desposyni. In 30 AD, we Desposyni were requested not to release the Lions of Jud-Ah’s ancient wisdom until one year before, the once in 26,000 year event called the “Grand Alignment”. This rare astronomical event occurs December 21, 2012.

A vast amount of ancient secret wisdom is now being rapidly released. This esoteric wisdom includes ancient documents over 5,000 years old, dating back before the time of Noah’s Ark and the “Great Flood.” This vast wealth of ancient esoteric wisdom includes the answers to life’s questions that are sought by both scientists and philosophers.

This wisdom contains the answers to life, including precisely why the “Big Bang” theory doesn’t work, and exactly why our universe is still expanding, as well as the answers to what is the “dark energy”, (that comprises 96% of our universe), and from where do these dark energies expanding our universe come from.

Precise answers to questions like, why the energies of Joy and Bliss are only available to humans, and why animals are limited to the energies of happiness. The answer as to why faces of certain people, at times, seem to transform into reptilian type faces. Answers as to why the precise date of December 21, 2012 is found in ancient monuments and documents in China, Mexico, the U.S. and Egypt.

Desposyni is a Greek word that translates to “Of the Lord”. Many of today’s Desposyni are direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s three children. (By the way, our website now has a free online audio of a Sound Energy Pattern Recognition Test that can determine if you are also a direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. If you feel love energy awaken in your body with the repetition of 4 words, it proves you too are a direct descendant.)

Religions have given God a bad name and Christians have made “Jesus” a bad word, by their worship of a false image of Jesus. While all this was prophesized by Jesus himself, in the recently found “Gospel of Judas”, we Desposyni now intend to set the record straight. Today’s form of Christianity was an invention of the Roman Empire in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD, a way to raise money to help pay for Rome’s mercenary armies.

The True Jesus studied in India, England and Egypt. The True Jesus taught people about karma and reincarnation, as well as levitation and the healing arts. Jesus taught that men and women were equal. Jesus taught men and women how to heal others using the same Love Energies used to levitate stones into place during the building of the world’s pyramids.

Our Desposyni documents include ancient Essene esoteric wisdom from Jesus’ and Mary Magdalene’s families, who long ago, walked out of Egypt with “The Moses”. We Desposyni also have documents from the one called Enoch in the Bible. Enoch is the Egyptian Essene ancestor of Jesus.

Enoch is remembered in Egypt as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, and he is known in China as Fu Xi, creator of the I-Ching. The word “Enoch” itself, is a unique biblical code word, crafted by the descendants of those former Sumerian/Canaanites and Egyptians, who walked out of Egypt with “The Moses”.

The name, Enoch, was specifically chosen to describe in the Bible, the spiritual abilities of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, the first “Chosen One” born after the “Great Flood”. In the records of Egypt, Thoth is listed as one of the world’s first 6 Divine Pharaohs, and 5 of these spiritual adepts were known by people to be pre-Flood “Holy Chosen Ones”. Ancient Desposyni documents describe how a Holy Chosen One is born only once a millennia. The word “Enoch”, itself, is an anagram, and the letters, when placed backwards, spell H C ONE, or Holy Chosen ONE.

A vast amount of spiritual wisdom has been deliberately destroyed by orthodox religions throughout human history, and in today’s world, remnants of that spiritual wisdom is ridiculed by atheist scientists. We Desposyni have been murdered and persecuted for millennia because of our spiritually mature belief systems and the fact we are living proof that the “Christian” Bible portrays a false image of Jesus.

Unfortunately, large amounts of the Desposyni’s ancient wisdom is lost every century, due to persecutions and assassinations. However, in the mid 1800s, an immense loss of spiritual wisdom occurred, with the simultaneous assassinations of all of America’s Elder Brothers and Sisters. In addition, certain of their students were also murdered, including Joseph Smith, spiritual founder of the LDS Mormon Church, and his brother.

Fortunately, when it was time for the ancient wisdom to begin its once in a millennium awakening, it happens with visions. In 1995, today’s Eldest Brother suddenly received, during 3 days of constant visions, a vast amount of ancient information that changed his life. Then, 3 more days of visions occurred in 1997 with ancient wisdom that forever changed his life and the lives of many others.

In 1997, the Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother finally located the ancient documents of Jesus and Enoch that he had seen in his visions. He found the documents that had been stored a thousand years earlier by Chosen One called Amaru. Among the heretofore unknown secret writings, he found a letter that was addressed to himself, as the Eldest Brother, by Jesus. You are invited to read and/or hear parts of this letter on the Desposyni website (www.DesposyniChurch.org).

Our 1,981 year long Vow of Silence has ended. You are now invited to read about, and listen to, the Lions of Jud-Ah’s esoteric wisdom that is now being made available to people around the world. These ancient documents also include Jesus’ Secret Autobiography, where Jesus’ describes the years deliberately omitted from the Roman Empire’s Bible, when he studied in England and India.

We are also releasing Esoteric Wisdom from Enoch/Thoth on how he used the energies of “God’s Love” to levitate stones and build some of Egypt’s great pyramids. Our Desposyni website also has free online audios with several of Jesus’ prophecies, including his prophecy about cell phone “Towers of Babel”. We Desposyni are fun loving and God loving people, as you can hear, and feel, by listening to some of the Eldest Brother’s humorous free online audios.

CDs – The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ

First CD in the series explains Jesus’ real name, his surname and his “Lost Years”, (the years deliberately left out of the Bible, from age 13 to 29), when Jesus traveled to England and the Orient to study Enoch’s true teachings.

In the 2nd CD Jesus explains his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant’s wonders, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, their 3 children, how he survived crucifixion and the preparations he made for his Physical Body Ascension.

In the 3rd CD Jesus explains his gift of a Black Madonna Cathedral to be built in the 11th century to honor his wife Mary Magdalene, the power of Teraphim, the bestowing of Souls, his coming Ascension back to the “Barbelo”, what it means to be a Son of God, the Last Supper’s sacred food and the 144,000.

CDs – The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ

In the 1st Esoteric Wisdom CD the last Eldest Brother describes how he was led to his discovery of the secret writings of Jesus, Enoch and Amaru. Then, the Eldest Brother reads Jesus’ words on how to prepare for “Ascension”, secrets about “halos”, his personal wisdom about Archangels, “Inner Stars of David” and how the key to Heaven is found within one’s Mind and Soul.

In the 2nd CD Jesus describes the highest level in creation, the “Barbelo of Christ Consciousness”. Jesus also talks about the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment, as well as the concepts of karma and reincarnation. Jesus explains “New Jerusalem’s” many wonders, a place where there is no pain or death. Hear Jesus’ wisdom on how “walking the zodiac” enables one to levitate like Simon and cast out demons like himself.

In the 3rd CD, Jesus’ words describe the Lions of Jud-Ah’s healing traditions and the songs that healed people and levitated stones. Jesus reveals hidden secrets about an “Inner Star of David”, as well as ancient secrets about the Rapture and Ascension. Receive Jesus’ own End Times power prayer. Hear Jesus’ talk about the false prophet Saul/Paul and his explanations on the mystical wisdom in the sign of the cross and the concept of a “Holy Ghost”.

In the 4th CD, Jesus explains how suicide is not the answer to End Times Tribulations, how suicide leads to more suffering, the 3 levels of hell and the exact process of how Judgment Day will unfold. Hear how God sends a Son of God to bestow Souls, precisely why forgiveness leads to Ascension and how Suns of God use stardust to create planets.

You may order these CDs, or download them, at www.DesposyniChurch.org