This flame that burns inside of me
I’m hearing secret harmonies
It’s a kind of magic
The bell that rings inside your mind
Is challenging the doors of time

It’s a kind of magic
It’s a kind of magic

Magic is the topic I’ve studied the past four days, as I’ve been compiling a research set of books on magic.

The term magic can mean different things to different people. In fact, it is a catch-all word used to define things that are indefinable, supernatural, and/or mystical.

Queen’s song captures the essence of Magic, that realization that Magic is life itself.

One of my favorite types of magic falls under mental magic. Nothing is more magical than hearing the song ‘Lady Madonna’ and instantly being back in the 1970s or hearing John Lennon singing ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and instantly remembering the fight of my generation against the war in Vietnam and the US Holocaust at Kent State. What can be more magical than hearing a song from Loverboy, Air Supply, or Journey and suddenly I am in a memory from the 1980s, or hearing Queen and time traveling back to a place and time that a particular song takes me back to.

What is the magic in music that can trigger a response from the brain, connecting neural pathways, and sending the mind into instant memories?

A man I know has built what I would call a magic chair. It’s not cheap, but I have experienced this chair more than once. It utilizes the magic of music, not only to your auditory senses, but to your sense of touch and feeling too. It takes those magical vibrations and sends them to the brain through, not only the ears, but the body itself. This magic chair is so relaxing that people have safely hallucinated without drugs, or astral traveled to places they’ve never been.

I’m sure there are physics, science, math, biology, and more to explain these phenomena, but for me, who cares!. Why ruin the magical experience? It just means that we can scientifically explain what triggers a magical experience.

The magic of math is still studied by scientists. The magic of No. 9, and how those nines add, multiply, divide and result in another combination of 9 will always be magic. Just writing this paragraph triggered the memory of the Beatles White Album song: No. 9. The laws (or magic) of mathematical probabilities is fascinating, and that magic fuels the state of Nevada and lotto games throughout the country.

Is it not magic for a man to father a son, and that son continually remind the dad of his own youth? Is it not magic for that same father to love his son’s son, as his own?

Magic should not be discounted or brushed aside due to the magician charlatans, or phony, hypocrite, conman, preachers of their own perverted gospels.

You were given this magic when you were born, and the rest of your life people try to destroy your magic, or use it against you. Sure serotonin, neural pathways, and other biological, electrical, and chemical functions cause this magic….. but it’s still magic.

Is it not magic for an astronomer to discover and plot other planets, stars, galaxies and universes from this little insignificant blue planet? (Insignificant in the scheme of this universe).

Edgar Cayce was a man of magic. He experienced his magic his entire life, and utilized that magic, at the cost of his own health, to help others.

Is it no less magic for a professional conjurer or magician to fool you into seeing what is not there, or fooling you into not seeing what is present? His slight of hand tricks, by keeping your attention elsewhere, is nothing less than magical.

Can you imagine the sense of magic when suddenly a voice sprang out of a big brown wooden box with knobs? Or the magic when a face, for the first time, came into view on another fancy box? What about that magic when a metal needle produced music from a piece of plastic?

It was magic for me, when John Glenn, circled the earth in a space capsule!

It is also magic when you feel a sense of loss for people you’ve never met, who have passed away. I can magically remember the time and place when I first heard that President Kennedy was assassinated, when Martin Luther King was assassinated, when John Lennon was murdered, and when our own government, massacred men, women, and children at Waco, Texas for nothing more than exercising their rights under the constitution. That sense of loss is magic, it’s tragic magic. It is the ying and yang in magical experience.

Your spirituality is magic too. You were born with a sense of the spiritual, though preachers try to take credit for it, try to preach it into something that suits their idea of religion, and try to get you to give them your money for that same spirituality you already had.

Your entire life is a magical experience. The fact that you can read this, understand this, contemplate this, and meditate on this, is a magical fact. How else can you explain how two aqueous spheres can send signals to your brain, that ignites electrical, biological, and chemical responses that enable you to read? Is that not magic?

The danger, or drawback in magical experiences is when others try to force their idea of magic, as a fact, on you! Or they try an manipulate your magic into believing something that is contrary to common sense, such a pro-war propaganda.

Evil Magic, making what’s bad, look like good.

It was a crime of the century what the banksters committed under the Bush years. They are the monetary and economic experts. (at least self-anointed experts). They of all people know how fragile the monetary system of the USA really is. These banksters know it is based on fraud, and nothing backs it except the faith of the people. Yet, these greedy criminal banksters, gambled away YOUR money on deposit with them, in Wall Street scams.

You’d think they would be building new prisons to hold all these banksters, but no… Henry Paulsen, Ben Bernanke, President Bush, and others bailed out these criminals and the effects of their crimes to the tune of around $14 trillion. This put the nation so far in debt, it may never recover. People should have been throwing these bankster bastards to the wolves, and worse. But with the magic of propaganda they manipulated people into believing this bailout of criminals, saving their businesses, and going deeper into national debt was a GOOD THING for the nation and people. This was the biggest rabbit in the hat trick ever used….and the people believed the false magic of propaganda.

The Super Inflation under the Obama years is a direct result of this bailout! The price of gas has doubled because there are so many more dollars created out of nothing but hot-air magic. And the people have missed the slight of hand of the magic trick and have been fooled into thinking there is less oil, when the fact is there are more dollars… not less oil. What more magic can there be when the people are fooled into the thinking that the criminal banksters are ‘good’ when they are the ones that have caused peanut butter and bread to triple in price?

Obama thought the magic bailout of criminals was so good, he’s added billions more to their coffers, while you pay 3 times the price for groceries, when your wages probably have not risen even 5%. Now that’s a magic trick!!!

Are you looking too intensely at Benghazi fiasco of Obama’s people (black magic)? Were you looking too intensely at Cheney’s chosen people committing treason by exposing our own spies (voodoo magic)? Then that magic of the slight of hand comes into play. Lets have a terror attack in Boston or some other catastrophe to move your attention from their crimes. As long as the magician commands your attention, he manipulates your reality… even when the false reality is against your own well being! That’s real magic… being used against you. Were you paying too close of attention to the Clintonian Holocaust at Waco? Did the Oklahoma City bombing cause you redirect your attention away from the Clintonian Nazis? That bombing was blamed on Timothy McVeigh, also noted as a CIA operative, who delivered messages for the CIA to Osama Bin Laden in the Philippines? It’s a kind of magic!

The Christian church used evil magic against all of Europe and brought about the Dark Ages of illiteracy, ignorance and the uneducated…. And called that a good thing.

All I’ve mentioned is some sort of magic, in that, there is no physical, 3 dimensional ‘thing’ you can touch. Magic happens in another dimension, a dimension of our minds.. maybe the 4th dimension or 5th or 6th? There is nothing solid to lay your hands on called magic. It’s all in our minds, and we must be on-guard to keep our minds and magic from being manipulated and used for other’s benefits.

Enjoy experiencing that Magic which builds you, and block that Magic out to destroy you.