The attributes of the Christian/Hebrew God are remarkably close to the attributes given to the gods of other cultures, ancient and modern. The defining of ‘God’ is the same as science/lore/theologians define space and time.

Preachers give the impression that God and the Serpent are adversarial, but it was God that told Moses to raise the serpent for healing. It was Jesus who said to be wise as serpents. There is a disconnect in the BS of preachers and the alleged word of God.

God is defined as everlasting, time without end, the beginning and the end, all-encompassing, infinite (which is also what space is), and the whole story of the Bible is that God was the beginning of all and God is the end of all.

What symbol from antiquity represents these qualities, other than the ouroboros?

This reptilian symbol of God the Infinite,
God of Wisdom, God the Everlasting
shows up in many Cultures and Religions


As the HALO

The All Encompassing

The Protector of Nations

With Power over Death

As the Healer

God of Wisdom

North American Indian Culture

God of Solomon the Wise King of Israel

God of the Norse

Roman God

Aztec God

God of China

God of Japan

Representation of the All Knowing in Freemasonry

God Showing up in Crop Circles

All this is merely coincidence? or anecdotal evidence? Gods in all ages, in all cultures, around the earth, in antiquity, mythology, folk-lore, etc. is symbolized by the serpent.

The serpent is the representation of the infinite, the beginning and the end, and all encompassing and unfathomable.

These descriptions also describe time and space.

Time goes on forever. Even if time is a circle, it continues on its path with or without humans. So space is infinite and time is eternal. Is that not the only definitions of God that we really have? Is not that divine identified as infinite and eternal? So is God merely (or divinely) space and time?

Theologians, monks, priests, and philosophers from the ancients till now have contemplated space and time with the infinite and eternal. The great mind of Einstein was consumed by discovering how space and time work, how they relate to each other, and how they affect one another. The distance to planet xyz, for instance, is the space between two points. One point is earth and the other planet xyz. Yet we define that space in time!

Again space is nothing.. Space is a void. Space is the area where nothing can obstruct its being space. If you have an empty glass, is it space that fills that glass? It can’t be because there are molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, pollutants, dust, etc. in that air that is in the empty glass. That would make space only exist where it is unobstructed between the molecules.

While space is a void, a nothing, it is perhaps the most important discovery in mathematics that the Arabians made. The Hebrews, the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and others in creating a human usable number system failed to include nothing, void, a zero. Their number systems were cumbersome, make calculations extremely difficult. Think of how difficult it is to read Roman numerals. There is no space (place) holder, there is no zero. The Arabic numeral system was devised by some great mind that understood the concept of nothing and how important is was to mathematics.

There may be nothing more difficult to contemplate than nothing, void, zero, space.. and its infinite character. There can always be nothing, but there cannot always be something. There is always space or everything become one large mass of matter.

Are we truly in fathomless space when we travel in outer space? Or do such things as solar winds, radiation, light, sound, gravity, or vibrations, interrupt space?

Time is endless. We generally only deal with divisions of time in the most minor of methods that have been supplied to us, clocks, sundials, watches, calendars, etc. Yet those items are not time, nor is our limited divisions of time, really time. Our limited view of time is based on the revolutions and orbits of the moon, earth, and sun. Yet, time exists without the sun, moon or earth existing.

Are these attributes of time and space, not the same as God?

Just ran across this little book that uses
the ouroboros symbol to explain the endless
circle of economic policy that keeps us all
in economic slavery.