I was doing some research this weekend for this site and the thought hit me that the Oahspe might have prophetical revelations in it.

Has anyone out there in internet land researched this possibility?

Dr. John Ballou Newbrough, through spirit writing over a couple decades came up with the Oashpe. Many think its a hoax, but what dentist in the 1800s would spend a lifetime to create such a massive hoax? He never really made any money from it, nor did he promote himself, as modern money grabbing preachers do today.

What amazed me were the scientific principles that would not be discovered for another 50-100 years that his spirit guides wrote about.

I’d be interested in anyone’s research on Oahspe as prophecy.

BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY is a statement of the manner in which worlds are made, and the force that governs them, showing how Light and Heat, Magnetism and Electricity, are manufactured, being wholly at variance with the present Systems of Philosophy and Astronomy. Also how to prophesy in regard to the future of the earth and the people thereon.