by Karen Gross-Foster

Since Earth Mastery 666 Age of the Son was released two years ago, some of what I wrote has now come to pass while other events are in the process of unfolding.

This is both good and not so good – good for me because it authenticated me in the eyes of skeptics but not so good because some of those forecasts were of a highly unpleasant nature.

There are many, many people who do not want you to know the information the book contains and the efforts I have seen to suppress it have been incredible!

When the book came out in Spring 2005, the things I had to say about the goings on in Iraq and within the United States government were highly unpopular but time has proven them true. The public has at its own slow pace come to realize something is very wrong and that it has been deceived by lying leaders.

Unfortunately, few lawmakers have enough personal integrity to resist the power trip and other temptations which come to them once they arrive on the hill and so we are left after each election with simply more of the same.

As the government trains troops in Iraq and other parts of the world and places so-called Homeland Security people in every major city, it is really preparing for methods of controlling We the People when we finally decide to rise up and rebel. Troops will then be well trained in how to kick down our doors and destroy our houses, how to put hoods over our heads and take us away to be interrogated in the middle of the night, how to bypass our rights to an attorney and fair trial with military tribunals, how to force vaccinations upon us against our protests and how to commit every other conceivable violation of human dignity to break our wills – just as they have done to the people in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Africa, Waco and Ruby Ridge.

It should be obvious to all that the United States government has seen its better days and the only solution remaining to bring the monster under control is dissolution of the corrupt structure to make way for the new. The longer we sit glued to our computers, video games, TVs and other tools of distraction, the less chance we have of changing the course and saving ourselves from the monster the system has become.

The hour is getting late and we are fast approaching the point of no return. Arm yourselves now with the information contained in Earth Mastery 666 Age of the Son and watch for my new book coming this summer which will provide tools for survival in the tumultuous times ahead.


Age of the Son

The year 2000 officially ushered in A Thousand Years of Turmoil which will rage furiously upon the planet and her inhabitants over the next millennium.

The recent tsunami which killed people from all over the planet who were assembled to reap their collective destiny was but a taste of the extreme weather events in store which will through catastrophic nature forces alter our planet into her new composition. A new day is coming and the masses are unprepared.

Earth is firmly in the clutches of a dark vampiric force which feeds upon the oblivious masses who in turn feed upon the secretions and bodies of animals and other humans to satiate their lowly appetites. So-called “saved” Christians are among the worst of these vampires as they rush to place their personal responsibilities upon another’s shoulders in exchange for eternal life. This selfish drinking the life blood of another is but an example of this trend and, after all, who wouldn’t like to live forever by merely saying a few words and then going about business as usual?

Such negative people gathering in large groups to “worship” are very often unwittingly attracting the dark force which then follows them home to dwell in their midst.

The author, a positive Seer of the ancient Order of Melchisedek, reveals the startling facts about the realities surrounding us but which are invisible to the masses due to a lack of proper development. Fasten your seatbelt, for everything you thought you knew will be turned upside down upon entering these pages!


Grieving and curious people run to mediums, seances and psychics in desperation to make contact with their dearly departed and this is very understandable given the separation most now experience between the planes of existence. Sadly, many of the people cashing in on people’s grief are downright fakes and illusionists and many charlatans behind such shenanigans often are laughing all the way to the bank, having fooled their paying clients with dramatic displays.

Others take matters into their own hands and hold seances or use something such as a ouija board hoping to receive a message from the beyond. This is a dangerous practice as unscrupulous spirits yet in the lower purgatorial regions desire an opportunity to make mischief and see negatively charged people in the body eagerly requesting the presence of something from the inner realms.

This is truly a recipe for disaster as has been proven time and time again when people find themselves haunted by something they were not quite expecting and that may continue to hover in their presence while others become possessed or mentally disturbed by an entity which finds them a suitable host!

Softbound, 5×8, 360+ pages